Thursday, January 14, 2021

Oldies but Goodies - Spruce Up

 The Jewelry Artisans Community weekly Oldies but Goodies Challenge was "Spruce Up" this time.  We were challenged to share past work that we would be pleased to wear with our favorite holiday outfits.  Did we ever have some beautiful work submitted.  There is no end to the talent of the ladies in this group.  Without further delay, I give you "Spruce Up."

From Cat of Cat's Wire there was this simply elegant beaded bracelet.  It is beyond elegant and perfect for nearly any holiday or formal occasion. 

Next, Cat share this absolutely amazing necklace.  It's incredible with multi-colored stones, each encased in its own wire woven bezel and wire swirls galore.  Cat's creativity seems to know no bounds!

Caroline of Crafty Chimp shared her amazingly intricate bead work with us in the form of these two gorgeous bracelets.  I can't imagine the time that goes into creating these beauties.

Purple and green has always been a favorite color combination of mine, so I am very drawn to this dramatic piece:

This one done in blues and greens is fit for a princess.

Irith, of Riorita Jewelry jewelry never disappoints and she wowed us again with this bold statement ring.  I love the deep blues of the faceted Kyanite stone that has been set into a flower pattern.  What a beautiful ringy!

This wonderful three strand black and gold necklace by Michelle of My Bijou Life would look equally at home with a little black dress or dressing up a pair of jeans and a sweater.  It's one of those pieces that easily transitions from casual day wear to glamorous evening attire.

 Also from Michelle was this stunning wire woven red pendant.  Beautifully done and I especially like the addition of the red crystals at the top of the pendant.

My offerings for the challenge were this hand painted pansy pendant suspended from a chain made of purple crystals and brass wire.  

My other contribution were these fun and very long dangly wire woven leaf earrings made of copper wire that has been oxidized to a warm, antique finish.  Shoulder dusters is not an exaggeration when describing these earrings!

I hope you have enjoyed this collection of  "Spruce Up" jewelry.  I know many of us live in our jeans, but there are times when we want to feel elegant and pretty - these pieces are guaranteed to accomplish exactly that!


  1. Beautiful festive jewelry displayed here! Each item is a pleasure to watch! A celebration of creativity!

  2. This challenge really brought out a wealth of beauties. It makes me think we should probably spruce up more often!

  3. These are a real testament to the artistry of everyone. Beautiful work.

  4. Love it! I want to wear all of these!


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