Rockin' New Year's Eve 2016 in Saigon - 12/31/15

Spending New Year's Eve in Saigon was an amazing experience; we suspected it would be, but it exceeded anything we had imagined.

The local businesses were decked out and looking festive.

The vendors were out selling their wares - New Year's Eve themed on this night.

People were having a blast celebrating.  The street sweepers will be sweeping up confetti for months!

These sparkler were very cool and enjoyed by all.

This little girl chose to watch from her perch on the back of dad's motorcycle:

While brother and sister sprayed each other with soap suds:

Thousand's of people were in the streets, but despite the massive crowds everyone was very well behaved and orderly.

The police closed off the road to vehicle and motorcycle traffic at 11:00 which made pedestrians happy and the motorcycle riders unhappy.  Sure made it easier to get around though!

At 11:30, we headed up to the rooftop bar where we had a reservation so we could watch the fireworks over the city.

It was a spectacular way to welcome in the New Year and to end the evening.

Happy New Year and best wishes for a happy and healthy 2016!


  1. What a memorable way to celebrate New Year's Eve.

  2. I think you will remember this New Years Eve for a long time, if not for ever.

    Happy New Year to you too. :)