A Trip to Thailand - 11/28/14

A week from today we will be beginning a journey to Thailand.  Partly to escape the cold and snow of a Northern California winter and partly to experience the magic of this amazing country.  I've heard so many wonderful things about it from the kindness of the Thai people to the magnificent temples to the fabulous street food to the vast array of shopping available. So much to see and soak in!

The weather there is a bit of a concern.  It's hot and humid in that part of the world and I don't do well in hot and humid.  The plan is to venture out in the mornings and at night and to hunker down inside during the heat of the afternoons.  Hopefully this will work out; we shall see.

The food is another thing I am looking forward to trying.  Thai food is colorful, creative and nutritious.  It generally contains many different types of vegetables and greens with small amounts of meat.  Fruit is abundant and readily available.  Some I am familiar with; others are exotic wonders which I have never seen.

It's always hard for me to pack light because I can never decide what to bring.  This time I'm going to try my best to pack light; my goal is a few pairs of capris, light weight short sleeved tops, a couple of summer dresses, a bathing suit, two pairs of sandals that are sturdy and comfortable enough hold up to a lot of walking and a sweater as I hear the air conditioning is kept at breathtakingly cold temperatures. 

From the reading I've done in preparation for this trip, I've learned that the Thai people are conservative when it comes to dress.  As a westerner coming to visit their country, I don't want to offend.  When planning what type of clothing to bring it is best to keep in mind that bare shoulders, short shorts and going without a bra are frowned upon. These are simple and reasonable guidelines to follow; why not start off on the right foot?

Shopping is a major activity in Thailand.  There are modern air-conditioned malls and there are open air street markets.  I hope to experience both.  Shallow as it may sound, it's no secret that I love to shop.  A friend gave me a tip that I am going to try.  My packed suitcase is going to be placed inside a larger empty case for the trip over.  Once there, I can fill the large suitcase with my market finds for the trip home.  Besides a few things for myself (beads and jewelry making supplies, but most likely some clothing along with some shoes too - because, well, I love to shop), I will be bringing home gifts and keepsakes.  Can't wait!

If you've followed along this far, I hope you will stay tuned.   Next post will be from the airport as we make our way half way across the globe to begin this much anticipated adventure.

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  1. Sorry I missed this post. From now on I'm going to follow you like a shadow! :-D