Friday, December 30, 2016

December Blog Carnival - The Year in Review

It's blog carnival time at the Jewelry Artisans Community.  With the arrival of December and the end of 2016, we decided to re-visit our 2016 challenge items.  Each month a group of us challenge ourselves to make a piece of jewelry based on a theme we have chosen.  Sit back and enjoy this trip down memory lane!

January - New

Our challenge was to design jewelry using something that was new to us.  It could be a new technique or a new material or something else we weren't familiar with.  I chose to make post earrings using copper wire:

February - Romance

In honor of Valentine's Day we decided to make jewelry that was romantic.  Using crystals and sterling silver chain, I made these dainty, dangling earrings:

March - Lariats

For the month of March, lariat necklaces were our challenge.  Having never made one before, it was definitely a challenge!

April - Spring has Sprung

With spring in the air the obvious choice for our challenge theme was Spring:

May - Button, Button, Who Has the Button?

Fairly self explanatory - we had to use buttons in a jewelry design:

June/July - Zip It Up

We combined June and July because we were all busy with summer activities and made jewelry out of zippers.  This was one of my favorite challenges and a lot of fun to see what everyone designed:

August - Cool Clear Water

Because August is so bloody hot, we chose a theme that made all of us feel cooler.  These earrings made of blue glass beads were my entry:

September - Goodbye Summer

Many of us were glad to see summer and it's hot weather go.  Our challenge was to find our inspiration in this photo of sunflowers:

This was my entry:

We had the best of intentions for October, but the month got away from us and we never got around to making our designs!

November - Fire

With the arrival of November, we also saw the arrival of cooler weather and took our inspiration from the fires that were now burning in wood stoves and fireplaces:

December - Christmas

Before we knew it, December was here and Christmas was looming.  Our challenge was to make Christmas jewelry.  These earrings feature coral beads which have been netted with aqua/teal colored wire:

I hope you have enjoyed this review of 2016.  To read what other members of the Jewelry Artisans Community have to say about their 2016 jewelry challenges, please click on the links below:

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