Saturday, October 31, 2020

Holiday Jewelry

 This month's Jewelry Artisans Community Blog Hop is about holiday themed jewelry - do we make it or not?  I'll be right up front - not very often.  I'm not sure why, but holiday jewelry has never really been on my radar.  I don't have anything in particular against it; I even own a few fun pairs of holiday earrings, but I'd rather spend my time making things that can be worn year around, not just for a few days around holiday time.

 After, I typed the above, I gave this topic more thought and I realized that when I think of holiday jewelry, my mind naturally thinks of Christmas jewelry.   As I'm not a big fan of Christmas, it makes sense to me that I'm not into making Christmas jewelry.  I just feel like Christmas expectations put too much pressure on people and it's often not a fun time for many.

 Now, a holiday I do enjoy is Halloween and looking in my stash, I came across all sorts of Halloween jewelry I've made over the years.  

 Spooky Spider Webs:

And, colorful webs too!


Dangly ghosts...

 A sugar skull...

 ...and, tiny skulls...

...along with primitive skulls!

There is also simple black and orange...

...sort of friendly ghosts...

...and, last, but not least this cute little bat.

Hmmmm...I guess I do like to make holiday jewelry.  As long as it's Halloween jewelry!

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