Monday, December 28, 2020

Oldies but Goodies - Candle Light

Our Oldies but Goodies Challenge at the Jewelry Artisans Community was to share our jewelry designs that were reminiscent of candles.  As always, our group showed how talented and creative they are.

Cat of Cat's Wire didn't waste any time in reminding of us of how creative she is with this beaded candle decoration.  It's not jewelry, but designing and creating it required many of her jewelry making skills.  Cat tells us she puts this darling ornament in her hallway during the holiday season:


This beautiful cuff looks like it is reflecting the glow of candle light.  Such a romantic piece of jewelry - wouldn't that be pretty to wear in a restaurant where the tables are lit by candlelight?

Caroline, of The Crafty Chimp presented these amazing beaded tea light designs.  They are so clever and I just love how they look like festively wrapped Christmas gifts. 

 For my own submissions, I felt like this orange stone that practically glows from within was a perfect choice to represent candle light.  

The orange crystals in these earrings remind me of the flickering light of a candle.

Irith of Riorita Jewelry gave us these gorgeous tear drop earrings with deep red faceted stones.  They almost look like they are on fire.

Irith also shared this warm golden pendant and it's shape looks very much like a candle flame.  I love the way the stone is set with Irith's signature earthy style.

Such lovely creations from these lovely and talented artists - it's always a pleasure and a joy to see your work!



  1. I loved all of the pieces shown in this challenge. Isn't it amazing what you can see in jewelry if you take a creative look?

    1. Cat, jewelry really does tell a story if one looks with open eyes and a clear mind. It's much more than pretty baubles that we use to adorn ourselves.

  2. Everybody’s work is so pretty!

    1. I agree, Michelle! All of you continue to raise the bar.

  3. Lovely candle lights from various parts of the world! Beautifully written post!