Saturday, February 21, 2015

Painting the Studio - Part 2

The wall that I plan to paint brown (Bourbon Rue) is a wall made out of cinder blocks. They are porous and bumpy.  When I started to roll on the paint, I noticed the pattern of the blocks showing through and thought it looked really cool. So, instead of painting it solid brown, I decided to leave the block pattern showing thinking that it would provide a fun and funky look.  I also thought that the white showing through the brown would help keep the wall from being too dark. 

I'm not sure exactly how I want to go about finishing this, but it does look rather stark and unfinished in it's current state.  The plan is to proceed slowly as I don't want to ruin it by not thinking it through.  Of course, I didn't notice the block pattern until after I'd painted a few of the blocks solid brown, so that will have to be dealt with too.

I am in love with the Smoky Mountain Spring; what a beautiful shade of blue!  It's so pretty that I'm thinking about other ways I could use it in this room without going overboard.

Next steps are to continue working on the block wall and to paint the door and window sill.  It is starting to come together but there is a lot more work ahead.  Enjoying every minute of it!

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