Saturday, March 7, 2015

Painting the Studio - Final Installment

Time for the unveiling, the studio is pretty much finished and I can't wait to actually work in that room!

I'm especially pleased that except for buying paint and painting supplies, no money has been spent to create this room. Everything is either recycled, upcycled or refurbished and stuff we already had sitting around taking up space. Now that my jewelry making supplies have been moved into this room, hubby's office no longer looks like a tornado went through, so he's got his space back too.

These pictures go around the room to the right starting with the door:



Things left to do are to deal with that pile of stuff in the corner next to the trunk, put a coat of varnish on the two yardsticks leaning against the wall by the file cabinet and screw them to the front edge of the work bench, finish cleaning up the lamps, find some lamp shades, put them on each end of the table and to find a nice stool to sit in. A chair won't work because the table is mounted too high, so it's going to be a bar stool instead.

After that, it'll be little things like hang art/photos on the walls, baskets, glass containers and whatever else appeals to me.  I'm going to take my time with these finishing touches because I want to be surrounded by things I really love. 

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