Tuesday, March 10, 2015

JAC February Challenge - Finish It

The February challenge for the jewelry artists at the Jewelry Artisans Community  was to finish one of their works in progress (WIP).  Anyone who makes jewelry has a box, drawer, tub or bag full of unfinished pieces.  We mean to finish them, but they get set aside for various reasons.  We may not have all of the materials we need to finish, run into a design/execution problem that needs to be solved, get busy with something that becomes more of a priority or just decide to move on to another project.  They are then relegated to a drawer, corner of a closet or the back of a shelf until such time as we stumble upon them again and they make us feel guilty again.

Here are the results of the Finish It challenge:

Cat of Cat's Wire chose to transform this stunning WIP into a brooch after coming across it in her WIP drawer.  It is a slice of dyed agate and Cat had already made its wire knit bezel, but wasn't sure where to go from there.  Finding herself in a dangly mood the last few weeks, she added crystals in tanzanite and pink and a faceted amethyst in a knitted bezel from darker golden wire for some contrast.

When I first saw it, I couldn't believe that such a beautiful creation ended up in Cat's WIP drawer.  My goodness!

Violetmoon's Carina finished a different kind of project but it is still jewelry related.  Carina uses an old printer's cabinet to store her beads and wanted to replace the existing drawer pulls.

 After years of looking, Carina finally found some pulls she liked and installed them.

 Of course, they didn't fit the existing holes, so she had to drill 20 new holes after removing the 40 existing wooden knobs.  Looks great, Carina!

My "Finish It" challenge involved this copper wire, red coral and turquoise pendant that I made a few months ago.  It started out as a pendant, but it never seemed quite right.  I came across it while trying to decide what to finish for the challenge and it told me that it wanted to be a bracelet.  Why didn't I think of that!?

I hope you enjoyed seeing the February challenge results.  The participants always rise to the challenge!


  1. Thank you for adding my brooch in this post! You can take credit for making me finish it! :-D

    1. My pleasure, Cat!

      Not sure who should get credit, but I'm so glad this beautiful work of yours is out of the WIP drawer - it deserves to be seen!